The appearance of UF, NF and RO unit
for whey processing

Whey or milk plasma is the liquid left over after coagulation of milk. It is a by-product in the production of cheese or casein and has several commercial applications.
Volumetrically speaking, whey presents 10% of the dairy wastewater while from the biological oxygen demand aspect it presents 95%.
Our company manufactures membrane devices for whey concentration which gives the following results:

• Ultrafiltration process reduces the volume of whey by 1/3 and increases the protein content from about 1% to about 6%
• 1/3 volume of the native whey is processed with the combination of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis process to the such quality that can be discharged into the recipient or it can be reused
• 1/3 initial quantity of the concentrate is a native whey protein, lactose and minerals which useful application is proven through the domestic animals consumption of whey and through the drying of the whey obtaining powdered whey of excellent characteristics.
This way of treating dairy wastewater presents almost zero discharge technology.